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Drop down in Conversions

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What could be the reason for the sudden drop down in conversions? And which one of the 3 Locations options improves the campaign performance if targeting a single country?


1. People in, searching for, or viewing pages about my targeted location
2. People in my targeted location
3. People searching for or viewing pages about my targeted location



P.Srikanth Babu

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Re: Drop down in Conversions

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Rising Star

Good morning.


Which of these options you select depends on what you're advertising.  


If you're selling something available only in your targeted geographic location, then you want to select an option that shows your ads only to people in that area. That would be the second option.


I'm not sure if your question about conversions is separate or related to this?

Google AdWords Top Contributor

Re: Drop down in Conversions

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi there,


Theresa is absolutely right, your advanced location settings will help you narrow down the areas that you show your ads in. You could also try running the Geographic report in your account to see more precise indicators of where your ads have shown, which might also help you out here. 


If you're a bit concerned about your conversion rate, this link has some tips on how to improve your conversions. You could also try using Analytics to find out how users are interacting with your site. For example, if you have a high bounce rate you would know that users are leaving your site fairly quickly after one page view so adding more useful content to the landing page might be necessary. This link here will help you get started with Analytics. 


Hope this helps.