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Driving Phone Leads and Conversions

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Hi Community,


This is Tanya from the Google AdWords team and I’m going to be covering an interesting topic here today.


For a number of advertisers, driving phone call leads and inquiries is a major piece of the advertising puzzle, whether those phone calls increase bookings or ensure completion of a sale.


A variety of options are available in AdWords to address this phone call conversion goal.


This sounds interesting! How do we do this?

Within your existing campaign, you can create Mobile Preferred ads and a mobile-optimized call extension to show along with them. This allows you to encourage phone calls by showing your phone number along with the ad copy, while also giving users the option to click on the ad headline should they wish to read more about your business before calling.

                      Call Extension.png

People often behave differently when browsing on a phone versus a desktop. A smartphone user might not want to spend time surfing through an extensive product inventory. Instead, they may just wanting a number to call or immediate directions to a location.


What are my other options?

A second strategy could is to bypass the landing page altogether by having a call-only ad. Unlike the mobile-preferred ads with a call extension, a call-only ad displays the phone number as the first piece of information in the headline of the ad - with a call-to-action of “Call” right next to it!

call only.png


Adwords Policies do not permit the phone number to be a part of the four-line ad copy unless the ad is a call-only ad. This means that with every click on a call-only ad, you are driving a phone call, and a potential lead!


You can find the steps to create a call-only campaign here. Do note, this campaign type is not yet available for campaigns targeting the Display Network.

call only 1.png


When should I use a call-only campaign type?

This campaign is suitable for Emergency services (Example: Car Repair or Towing), Maintenance Services (Home/Office/Garden/Vehicles etc), services with a short sales cycle, or services that users tend to search for while on-the-go and which don’t require too much comparison shopping. Urgency and convenience are key to engaging the customer at the time of making a decision and influencing them to consider your brand.


Whichever option you choose--mobile-preferred ads with call extensions or call-only campaigns--These campaigns are not suited to businesses that require a customer to purchase products online, do comparison shopping, or heavily invest their money or time to make a decision


Hope this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.



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Re: Driving Phone Leads and Conversions

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Community Manager
Thanks for sharing, Tanya!