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Dramatic traffic decrease HELP

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I pay someone £225 ever month to look after my account. Since January traffic and spend have halved. I appreciate there may be seasonal factors involved, but according to keyword planner it shouldn't be this dramatic. I have had a good look though the change history and not a lot seems to be going on. What should I see for my money. Split testing adds etc? Suggesting new keywords? 


Thank you for your help. And please ask me any questions. 



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Re: Dramatic traffic decrease HELP

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Hi Tom,

From the person who look after ur account u can ask some routing reports if you really need to understand where your job is heading, for an eg you can ask him to send u weekly reports about your best performing geo market/keywords or even the days of the week and see how your campaign can be optimized.

Also for regular optimization u can ask/suggest him to check regular negative keywords which most probably help to increase the performance of the campaign.

Finally its not all about campaign, Lets say even in very well maintained ppc campaign if business doesnt have anything new to offer ppc performance will go down regardless.

Re: Dramatic traffic decrease HELP

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Badged Google Partner

Don't measure your Success based on traffic. Traffic does not = revenue. Traffic is only a factor of revenue.

Are you on the same page with your guy as far as what the goals are of the campaigns? Is your campaign an e-commerce transaction campaign? Are you a lead generating campaign? Or are you just a branding campaign?

Do you have analytics set up? Are there defined goals? are you looking at analytics?

The keyword planner is just an estimate of traffic, but once again traffic doesn't equal revenue. The goal of any campaign is to bring you highly qualified traffic that are interested specifically in the products or services you offer. It should also convert.

You can get tons of irrelevant traffic that never converts. You can get a small portion of traffic that converts highly. You pay for every click, so you want the best potential traffic that will be willing to purchase your goods or services at the time of click.

It comes down to ROI. Are your getting conversions, what ever you determine as a conversion point.

Traffic for traffic sake is a losing proposition in PPC. Traffic that brings conversions and sales is the winning proposition.

things you personally would want to review.

negative keywords
Location trageting setting
quality scores of keywords
CTR's of keywords, ad groups, campaigns
keyword options
Ad options
Landing Pages
Analytics ( Goals)

Hope that helps