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Does the Structure of the campaign affect the QS for Keywords?

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Hey all,


I had a campaign with 5 ad groups each one talking about a different section of my website.

I have re-structered that into 5 campaigns instead of 5 ad groups (using the same keywords and same ads).

Now, i have noticed that the keywords now have a higher QS. is this because of the re-structering?




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Re: Does the Structure of the campaign affect the QS for Keywords?

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Hi Dania,


You are right its just because re-structure, but when you again switch on your last adgroups or campaign structure you will get your quality score back..


Hope this help !




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Re: Does the Structure of the campaign affect the QS for Keywords?

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Hi Dania,


I would say that what you are seeing for QS is a result of the creation of new campaigns.  There are 'benchmark' QSs that are determined by some internal and external factors.  Your actual QS will take a little time to be established, I've heard it takes about 1000 impressions, to reset to a more accurate QS.


I do wonder why you would be running 5 ad groups or 5 campaigns using the same ads and same keywords?


Are you making a distinction between the sections of your website in AdWords? It would seem to me that you would want to use more specific keywords and ads that are directly related to that section of the site for higher relevancy.


If you're interested, here are a couple of resources that may help you refine the structure your campaigns. 


Organizing campaigns and ads in your account

AdWords Examples: Structuring your campaigns

AdWords Account Structure

AdWords Keywords: 3 Steps for Success


Hope this helps!



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Re: Does the Structure of the campaign affect the QS for Keywords?

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It's not strictly about the structure of your campaign, per se. Its really about how relevant your ad is to the keywords you were bidding on. (Although, if you had some low keyword /ad group performers together, they may drag the others down slightly.)

It's really that you probably had more relevant ads because you broke down the keywords into more targeted groups.

Additionally, you should check into using "ad extensions" like sitelinks, which will allow you to show multiple links in your ad. This will further increase your ctr (click through rate) which will get you lower cpc's (cost per click) and higher ad positions.