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Does device preference for mobile ads still exist?

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Hey guys,


I'm trying to do as it's indicated on this link but it seems that we can't choose anymore a particular ad which will be shown instead of another one.


If I don't want to create a specific mobile campaign, would If functions be the best solution then?

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Re: Does device preference for mobile ads still exist?

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Hi @Grég D,


It's a good question.


The release of expanded text ads made the "Mobile Device Preference" obsolete due to these ads already being mobile-optimised. To take a relevant paragraph from this article:


Now that expanded text ads are mobile-optimised, you no longer have to select the mobile device setting when creating or editing a text ad. In fact, a preview of your ad in both desktop and mobile format is generated for you while you’re creating your expanded text ad. Your expanded text ads can still serve on mobile devices, even if you have mobile-optimised text ads in the same ad group.


You've found a nice workaround though, the IF functions should cater for what you need!

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