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Does Search Volume Matter in PPC?

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I was using keyword planner and found some keywords like


Buy Women Designer Dress

Shop Designer Dresses Women

Shop women Designer Dresses and much more.


The search volume for each of these keywords is 0. Tel me should I choose such keyword for not? As these keywords reflects the buying psychology of customers. Does search volume matter? 


Also tel me what should be checked while adding keywords? Does ad impression share matter as shown in keyword planner?


How to choose proper keyword. How much does Search Volume impacts in Advertising?


Note:- I am not using any conversion tracking or third party tracking other than Google Analytics for Traffic stats.


Also, tel me does First Page Bid & Top Page Bid or Suggested Bid reflects the commercial intent of the keyword?


Re: Does Search Volume Matter in PPC?

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If one of the keyword has a low search volume, it means that the keyword will not be able to trigger your ads and will remain inactive until its search traffic increases. Yes, you have to take the search volume of keywords into account when picking keywords for your campaign. If you used too specific keywords, the search volume would be o low and vice versa.

Regarding the impression share, it's an estimation of the number of impressions you would receive divided by the search volume of the exact don't have to have focus so much on impression share, because I said they are estimates, take t hem with a grain of salt.

First Page Bid & Top Page Bid or Suggested Bid, they are also forecast or estimates and your actual data may vary, however they are very useful of having a general picture of the keywords you are going to bid on.