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Does SEO-value influence Quality Score?

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I have a quite specific question.

I have 2 different Adwords-campaigns which target overlapping keywords (not a best practise, I know, but in this case, nessecary). One very specific campaign is aimed at a very specific page and the keywords in this campaign have a Quality Score of 7/10.

I also have a more generic campaign which sometimes can also be a result for the search. This campaign is aimed at a more genereric and popular page on my website. The keywords in this campaign have a Quality Score of 9/10!

The result is that Adwords favours the generic campaign over the specific campaign when both campaigns are applicable for the search. However, the more specific page (and campaign) perform better when looked at conversion rate. Is there any way to favour the specific page for Adwords?

For instance, I could aim the generic campaign at a new generic page that isn't indexed (no-index). Would that be a good step or not?
How does the SEO value of a page weigh in on the Quality Score in Adwords?

I hope I posted this question in the proper forum, but as you can see, this subject touches both area's (Adwords and Webmasters)

I would love to hear any insight from you!


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Does SEO-value influence Quality Score?

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when it comes to on page SEO it helps with QS because the keywords that you are targeting are easily seen on the page. but off page SEO has no value. With regards to the two landing pages having difference in perfomance maybe its because one page gives the searches exactly what they are looking for and the other doesnt






Re: Does SEO-value influence Quality Score?

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But that is just it.

the more generic page should offer a lower relevance, because it is more
generic, the specific page should be more relevant and thus have a higher

but it is just the other way.

But the generic page is much more visited, shown as a SERP-result and has,
in total, more conversion. Whereas the specific page is a lot smaller.
Could this be an explanation?

Does SEO-value influence Quality Score?

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Badged Google Partner

Hello @Frank D,

It is not just the keywords on the page. There are other factors too like the bounce rate, avg load time, whether the page is mobile optimized or not and how good is the navigation. 

Based on all the above mentioned factors plus there might be many other factors too on which the QS of a landing page depends. 

So yes, if a page is good for SEO, it would have an impact on the QS as well.



Syed Sayem Mustafa


Does SEO-value influence Quality Score?

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Top Contributor

Hi @Frank D,


Great questions that certainly belong here for discussion. 


First off, the SEO value of a webpage have no relevance with AdWords, nor does AdWords have relevance with SEO. 


With that said, a well-structured website/ webpage should have all the ingredients to have a solidly-good SEO rating, but that is not always the case. Many agencies use landing pages that are specifically for conversions of their goals. These pages often would not be rated well for SEO, yet many times they do. 


With AdWords, in general, your specific campaign will have less clicks and better conversions. Why is this? It is tightly structured and targeted. 


And your generic campaign will have more clicks and less conversions. Why is this? It is loosely defined and targeted. 


In other terms, with one you are fishing for a specific fish with specific bait... and in the other, you are casting a wide net and scooping up what you can.


In my opinion, the best thing to do would be to omit the thoughts of SEO with AdWords. You are blending two ideals that are sorta related but not really. If you had a website with a really high SEO score, your ads would likely show up in the SERPs for those precise searches. I have some sites that perform that well with SEO and we have to work at finding keyterms where the ads need to go so that we are not serving a ad in SERPs that we hold the #1 position in the local three pack listing. SEO brings organic listings in the SERPs. AdWords bring paid listings in the SERPs. 


From there, I would lay out on paper what your products and services are, what your goals are, and who your ideal customers are... then I would create a campaign and landing page experience that is 100% set for this. Then, use this info to create ads & keywords that align perfectly with it. 


Kind Regards,




Google My Business & Google Ads Top Contributor
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Does SEO-value influence Quality Score?

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Top Contributor

AdWords and organic search are two independent algorithms with no ties. Some of the fundamental  concepts / principles are similar (e.g. Well structured page, user friendly, easy navigation added value content...) but the algorithm scoring the page for AdWords is different than the on for SEO 


Review this article:



Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Does SEO-value influence Quality Score?

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It is best to consider AdWords PPC and SEO as two seperate domains or systems, because that is what they are.  Although there are overlaps and commonalities, they are incidental.  There are also plenty of times when they will conflict.  e.g. if you create a series of very similar landing pages, with the keywords optimized in order to maximize your quality score and conversion rates for PPC, it may get you penalized in Panda.  Sometimes it is a good practice to no-index PPC landing pages. 


If you think about PPC in SEO terms, it will often lead you in the wrong direction. Better to learn how PPC works and optimize for that.  Not that there aren't common practices, e.g. optimizing landing pages SEO-onpage style for to maximize keyword visibility.