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Does Quality Score in One Ad Group Affect Other Ad Groups?

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I have a question about scenarios where one ad group in a campaign may have great Quality Score and other ad groups may have poor Quality Score. For example, a campaign targeting competitors, where each ad group targets a different competitor.


Have you observed that the poor Quality Score ad groups affect the good Quality Score ad group? Is there an argument to host poor-QS keywords in their own campaign so that they don't negatively affect other keywords?





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Does Quality Score in One Ad Group Affect Other Ad Groups?

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Hi @John Horn,


A fundamental query, John!


There is some (little) cross ad group impact, and some (less) cross campaign impact between keywords' QS values,especially if they are overlapping in meaning. The extent of such an impact is not made public by AdWords.


To host poor-QS keywords in their own ad group may sometimes be a really good practice, even though it is a bit more for reasons associated with a clean household than for practical ones.