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Does Cost Per Click change with Ad Scheduling?

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I recently modified the adschedule of one of my campaigns. But the day after, my clicks plummet as my ave. CPC skyrocketted.


cpc increase due to ad schedule.JPG


Is this really normal?


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Does Cost Per Click change with Ad Scheduling?

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Could be....


Here's how.... 


Imagine all your ads were showing at three in the morning when none of your competitors are advertising... you get great positions, and the cpc is really low ... Yaaay!


But then you realise that these visitors are not of any interest - something your competitors maybe found out a while ago - and you, like them, realise that you'd be much better off advertising during the morning between 10am and you have a lot of competition and the costs rise as the number of clicks fall...


It does make sense. With display it's even worse - there are so many poor quality placements that you can get some really cheap clicks.


But remember cheap and expensive are relative terms, not absolute. A click that costs $50 but converts into a customer who buys a $1m home from you is worth a lot more than 100 clicks each costing 50 cents that all bounce.


The key is finding the sweet spot where what you are paying for the clicks gives you the optimal return on investment.



Does Cost Per Click change with Ad Scheduling?

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There are many factors that go into avg. CPC and the number of clicks you can achieve. Changing your ad schedule definitely could impact them, depending on what changes you made.


What changes did you make?

Did you make any other changes to the campaigns around the same time?

Has your CTR decreased?





Re: Does Cost Per Click change with Ad Scheduling?

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Hi @Gio V time of day (and day of the week) can have a big impact on CPC since your CPCs are decided by the auction process and different advertisers may be coming and going at different times of the day.  For example, if you advertise between 9pm and midnight, and very few others are advertising then, your CPC could be very much lower than between 9am and 5pm when a lot of others are also showing their Ads.  For example, I've just looked at one of my client Accounts and between 5pm and 6pm, their average CPC was £1.92, between 7am and 8am it was £3.13.


You can use the "Hour of day" time segment to analyse your own data, and this might help explain what you're seeing.

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