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Does Conversion Optimizer take Time of Day into Account?

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Seems like i've been getting more afternoon clicks since trying it. 

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September 2015

Re: Does Conversion Optimizer take Time of Day into Account?

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Hi TatM,


Conversion Optimizer takes many factors into account each time an ad is eligible for an impression and predicts a conversion rate.  


From this page:


"Here are some of the factors Conversion Optimizer takes into account when analyzing and optimizing your campaign's performance:


Search targeting

Broad vs. exact match
Particular broad-match query
Search partner site
Content targeting

Content site "topic"
Actual content site
Match quality between the ad and content
User attributes

User location
Operating system
Language setting"


Based on this published list, I would wager to say that there are other factors as well, including time of day stats. You may have a higher 'predicted' conversion rate for certain times of day based on your conversion and account history.


Take a look at your current segmented (time of day) impressions/clicks/conversions and compare them to a similar time frame before CO was implemented, this should give you some insight as to when Google is showing your ads.  


Are your campaigns runnign better now with Campaign Optimizer enabled?  




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