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Does CTR depends upon on Location & Device. Which is the best CTR?

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How much CTR is considered as best, and does location, device & other factors are considered when calculating CTR & QS in Adwords. 


Also I want to know does Adwords consider Ad Position & CTR relation when calculating QS of a keyword or Adgroup?


I mean to say does certain Adposition has some defined or specific CTR  defined by Google?



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Re: Does CTR depends upon on Location & Device. Which is the best

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Hi Chris,


As you know that CTR basically refers to how many users clicked on your ad divided by how many times your ad has been shown online (i.e. number of impressions). So there could be various factors which are taken into consideration when this metric comes into picture.


As per my understanding the core thing to look for would be the relevancy factor and how relevant your ad is based on the competition online and how well it could withstand during the ad auction. The mobile device level factor comes into picture when you are competing with advertisers who are also targeting same business across mobile devices and how well your ad could compete with them.


Same is the case with Location. You might be bidding high and trying to be on top for every ad position, but until the relevancy factor is not upto the mark, your ad might not rank high.


For Quality Score, CTR is a very important metric and you should be eyeing high to attain excellent CTR so that it improves the Quality Score.


For Search Network, you should have minimum 1-2% CTR as far as my understanding goes.Otherwise, there is no defined limit, your CTR could go as high as you want, which is actually good for the account.


Also remember that for Ad Rank, your Quality Score, CPC bid and how well you are using the ad extensions play very important role. So work in this direction and optimize your account.



Re: Does CTR depends upon on Location & Device. Which is the best

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To follow with Pankaj:

You might be confusing between CTR and QS.

CTR is the predominant component of QS. When calculating QS, time of running the search, the location and device are considered.

Google says:

>>>"But during a real-time auction we also consider many additional factors, like the

user’s exact query, their device, their location and the time of day. Those aren’t directly

reflected in the Quality Score you see in your account."

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