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Does Adwords account gives any suggestion of keywords?

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I am eager to know where I can see suggestions for keywords that my customers are typing and I am not well ranked. So that I can improve my Ads ranking on those keywords.


I mean does Adwords suggest any improvements we should make? If yes, where I can find these?




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Does Adwords account gives any suggestion of keywords?

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hi @Ankita B


1. Yes, you can check those types of keywords:


After Login to the Adwords Account:


Campaign > Keywords > Search Terms


2. You can find in Opportunities tab to get the improvement suggestions from the Adwords.


Good Luck!





Does Adwords account gives any suggestion of keywords?

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Hi @Ankita B,


In addition to Aslam's helpful post, I would like to put some light on Ad rank or how you can improve the position of ads.


Please go through the help file to know more about ad rank and ad position


Thought it is always recommended to analyse the search term report regularly and add the converting queries as your keywords in a more restricted match type & irrelevant queries as negative keywords. 

This practice help to improve the QS and hence your ad rank.


Another factor to improve the QS is Campaign structuring with ad group based on a tight theme with relevant ads containing your keywords.


Use enough bids ensuring you are participating in almost every real time auction.

**Use metrics Search Lost IS (rank)**

(can be added as default from the columns tab > competitive metrics)


You can also use bid adjustment, ad scheduling.


Last but very important is your ad extensions which helps a lot to improve the ad rank.


Still if you think that your current list need to be build up then going to the individual ad group and using +keyword tab will give you best suggestions as per the ad group theme.

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