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Does Adwords QS work? - Expert advice needed

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I'm running a new campaign and of recent, i'm getting the same issue with every campaign I run.

Is it me, or is Adwords rubbish at working out QS ?


My QS is on average 3/10, basically rubbish.

However, I really feel it should be higher than this. What am I missing here?


My stats below:



QS - 3/10

Expected click-through rate: Below average

Ad relevance: Below average

Landing page experience: Average



Keyword:   [Web Development]

CTR:  6.45%

POS: 2.5

MAX CPC: £9.00

Landing Page:



Trusted Reliable Service

" Web Development "

Quality Websites From Only £1,500 !




Why is the QS so low?

It's the same on all keywords, 2-4 QS across the board.


What more can I do?



Jeff Smiley Happy


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Re: Does Adwords QS work? - Expert advice needed

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Hi Jeff,


I know many of the advertisers feel very bad when they just start off with the new campaigns and all they get to know about the Quality Score (QS) is a picture like you are getting, that does make them frustrate.


So in order to understand, why this happens is because when you inputted the keywords, Adwords assigns your keywords a Quality Score based on the historical performance of how other advertisers used them in the past. 


Hence, I would recommend you to keep optimizing your campaigns and work towards improving the CTR, relevancy. QS is dynamic in nature and is calculated everytime audiences hit the query and is matched with your exact keywords.


Work towards delivering the exact matched query to the online users irrespective of the match type you are using. This would increase the CTR and give more weightage to your keywords. 


QS take gradual time to improve. It's not that you will see the impact within a day. So you will have to be little patient to see the behaviour.


Lastly, I would say that if moving forward, QS doesn't change for you and there is nothing in terms of ROI for you, it's better to start finding new variation of keywords and try them in your account.


I would encourage you to read this informative thread by Googler Tanmay in order to understand more about Quality Score and how you should tacle it. Trust me it's worth reading.


Best of Luck!


Re: Does Adwords QS work? - Expert advice needed

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Thats a great help, Thanks Smiley Happy

Yep, very frustrating.


So I should just focus on CTR at the moment, and get as high as I can.

And not worry about the QS?


Only issue is, the cost is so high, I need to get my QS up fast as I can.


Do you know what factors Google looks at with in the ad?

How to make the best posiable ad in Googles eyes?

E.G - Keyword in title vs Keyword in desc 1 or 2



Thanks Smiley Happy

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Re: Does Adwords QS work? - Expert advice needed

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Quality Score is how Google judges you. As previously mentioned, some keywords just have bad quality scores by default. Google just deems commercial intent to be bad there. It doesn't help that you are a new advertiser.


The bottom line is that you need to focus on your metrics-  how much are you paying per qualified lead / sale.


So, don't worry about the QS, just focus on your own metrics.


At the same time, a big way of increasing quality score is by increasing CTR (Click through rate).


I would recommend you watch the following 2 Google Videos:






Also, I highly recommend you go after longer-tail keywords. (e.g. local web development terms like london web design, london web design company etc.)


I don't know if you'll be able to profitably monetize on those. The people who are currently there have a major advantage, and have been there for years, getting a historical QS that's better than everyone else.


We do PPC / SEO, but do no lead generation from PPC for those terms, as we find better ROI from other lead generation opportunities. (I'm not saying I couldn't make it work, just not as profitably as needed Smiley Wink )



You may want to try doing the display network as well. You may find it more profitable.

Re: Does Adwords QS work? - Expert advice needed

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Thats a great help. 

Those videos are very useful Smiley Happy


So, Really it's just a time thing. I have to keep trying to increase my CTR

over a long period of time, and slowly get my QS up.


As for my own stats. Untill I start getting some data, I can't work that out. 

So far 20 Clicks = 2 hot leads. 

Very profitable if both jobs come off.


I think it will be ok, I just want to make sure I'm doing everythign best I can,

as it's easy to blow your budget fast on such a high CPC.


Also, I have all the longtail words running, but they are same on the QS from.

CTR is all goo though, avg 10.80% at the moment.



Thanks Smiley Happy

Re: Does Adwords QS work? - Expert advice needed

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Glad to hear! Keep up the great work!

CTR sounds great. That should drag your QS up over time. So, don't worry too much Smiley Happy

Re: Does Adwords QS work? - Expert advice needed

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Hello again,


In order to write good text ads, you should focus firstly on relevancy i.e. how tightly your keywords, ads and the landing pages are grouped in an ad group and whether you are setting the right expectations in front of online users.


Good call to action plays a key role in my opinion. I would advice you to read this informative article for details.



Re: Does Adwords QS work? - Expert advice needed

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Hi david-nationalp -

I can't see the videos - on my end there's just a blank space after "I would recommend you watch the following 2 Google Videos:" - any chance you (or anbyone else) could repost the links?


Thanks - and great advice on the thread. i also need to get my ds in better shape...!

Re: Does Adwords QS work? - Expert advice needed

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Hi Spires,

I have seen web development accounts before and they often see low QS. When you create an account and have no history Google will score your keyword based on historical performance of other advertisers. What you do with the QS after that is based on your own performance. QS is reevaluated after ever few thousand impressions so just keep working on the CTR.

You can work on the CTR by keeping your keywords relevant to your ad copy and your ad copy in a high enough position that you are very visible on a search results page.

If you are using anything but exact match keywords watch your search terms report closely to add negative keywords to keep the CTR high.

There are times I tell advertisers to just put blinders on when it comes to the QS and if you are doing all you can to have a healthy account it may be time to put the blinders on Smiley Happy As for the cost per click. Even with a QS increase I am not sure you will see major decrease in the CPC. You are just in a very competitive business and the CPC are naturally high regardless of QS. Have you used the AdWords Keyword tool located under Tools & Analysis? There is a CPC column you can emable (see columns button on results pane top right side). Once you have that enabled you can get an idea of what you may pay per click for your Web Development related keywords....they are pricey. You can also use that tool to identify and add new keywords that may cost less per click.

Good Luck.

Kim Clink, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Clink Digital Marketing
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