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Does Account Name Impacts Keyword Perfomance?

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Does Account name, Campaign name & Adgroup name impacts keyword QS & performance?


Also tel me what should be ideal name of campaign, adgroup. What are the best practices to name campaign & Ad-group? What is the character limit for Campaign name & Ad-group name?


I think Ad-group name does impact keywords QS. I'm not sure about this. Please anyone tel me does Ad-group name impacts QS of keywords?

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Re: Does Account Name Impacts Keyword Perfomance?

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Hi Chris,

Firstly, account/campaign/ad group names do not affect campaign performance in any way. Though I'm not sure about the character limit for these names, I'd say the best way to name campaigns/ad groups would be to keep in mind their purpose (match types/networks/locations/brand names/product names) for the ease of pulling reports at a later point in time.

Hope that helps!

Sumanth Sridhar

Re: Does Account Name Impacts Keyword Perfomance?

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Hi Chris,

No, the account, campaign, ad group names are just labels for you.

As far as best practices, I think this varies from manager to manager and from account to account.

Some folks use a tag in the name to identify their own campaigns, some will use match types or campaign types to easily identify what they're working with. There are likely an infinite number of reasons and ways to name these elements and none of them are incorrect. It's just about what makes sense for you.

I will generally name them based on the theme of the campaign/ad group and I find that somewhat helpful.

I'm not sure about character limits but I would suggest that you don't need to be writing sentences in there. Smiley Happy

Again, there is no correlation what so ever between these element names and performance of the campaigns.

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