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Do we need varaitions of BMM keywords

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So does it make sense to have variations of BMM keywords or just one BMM keyword that covers all.


BMM Keywords

+red + sports +shoes

+football +sport +shoes

+baseball +sport +shoes


Or should I just have one BMM keyword 

+Sport +shoes

since this will catch all red, football and baseball sport shoes keywords,.


The only reason why I think it will be good to have many BMM match types is because I can find variation of each separately and move them to Exact campaign. 


What is the best way?


Re: Do we need varaitions of BMM keywords

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Do you need extra BMM's - NO
Should you use Extra BMM's - YES

You should also consider making sure you have proper Negative keywords, as well as how you are grouping these in either campaigns or Ad groups.

For best results ( ie Conversions), your Ad should represent your Keyword, Your landing pages should represent your keywords. CTR and Quality score matter.

I would say Exact Match Campaigns would lead to the best ROI, because you would be focusing on exactly what the consumer is requesting and bringing them to a landing page in which they could Buy/ Convert.

Hope that helps

Re: Do we need varaitions of BMM keywords

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It would really help in bidding if you have extra broad match modified keywords and thats the only advantage i see.

Re: Do we need varaitions of BMM keywords

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Hello Boney P,


The unexpected result when adding BMM variations is finding out that various variations have different estimated Top Page bids. I would definetly add those BMM variations just to find out how much to bid for each one.


For example let's say that now you use +sports +shoes with a MaxCPC bid of 1.00 $ , are getting now an avg. pos of 4.1   and you discover that the top 3 variations that bring you traffic are those 3 new keywords. When you add then and you look at the "Estimated Top page bid" you may get the following results 



+red + sports +shoes       Estimated Top Page Bid = 1.2 $

+football +sport +shoes   Estimated Top Page Bid = 1.5 $

+baseball +sport +shoes Estimated Top Page Bid = 2.5 $


Now you know why your avg. pos is so low 4.1 , it is because your general bid for +sports +shoes does not perform equally well to all the variations , as each one has a different competition. If the competitors bid more for +baseball +sport +shoes , adding this variation with a higher bid helps you gain more impressions and clicks.


So manual bids and adding BMM variations go well together for the variations which require a higher bid than the intial BMM keyword made from fewer words.