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Do Adwords click impact on my click count?

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When I get a click count in Search Analytics, are these purely the number of clicks on google search results for my site? (In other words, If I had a dramatic increase in performance in an Adword campaign, would that change the click count in Search Analytics?)

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Do Adwords click impact on my click count?

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Hello, Conor.

Ad clicks and organic clicks are different and not directly related. If you would manage to get a lot of AdWords clicks, your organic performance would stay exactly the same, except situations when people would start linking to your content, sharing it in social media, etc. and this would (indirectly) start improving your ranking.


But this kind of "second wave" effect would be similar to a commercial on TV or distributing a lot of flyers with links to your website.


Clicks counted in Search Console are only organic clicks, they have nothing to do with the AdWords clicks you see in AdWords.


And in AdWords, provided that you linked Search Console with AdWords, you can see both click types so you can compare organic with paid clicks:


Hope it helps.

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Re: Do Adwords click impact on my click count?

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Thanks for that information.

I was puzzled, as I saw a near 50% reduction in my organic clicks in one
day, 8th Feb...

Might be just seasonal?! I am trying to get back to previous levels, but
not sure why they dropped so suddenly.

*Conor Lawlor*
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