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Do Ad Group names influence Ad quality?

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Pretty straight forward question. 


I would believe it does not, but sometimes it seems I don't understand how Google thinks at all.

Re: Do Ad Group names influence Ad quality?

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No it does not, it would make no sense as it is just a way to organize your data, like folder names on a hard-drive. Words in your Ad text can influence relevancy and the CTR .


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September 2015

Re: Do Ad Group names influence Ad quality?

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As Adrian said, no it does not.

But I wanted to add a little tip that I use at time. ( remember the Ad group Name is going to be pulled into Analytics as well to help in sorting and segmenting, so you may want to make sure your Ad group name is not the same as your campaign name to avoid confusion)

But the Tip I have, and it's really cool if you are an ecommerce site, or Know the "price points" of your product. I will add the price of one unit sold into the name of the ad group.

Ad group name ( Blue Widgets $25.00)

With this is gives me a really quick idea of potential ROI or profit/ loss amount when looking at my adwords account.

So for example:
Name Total Send Clicks Conversions
Blue Widgets $25.99 $40.00 20 2

Looking quickly I see that I spent $40.00 for 20 click, but with 2 conversion I have a minimum of $50.00 in revenue ( They could have bought more, and have higher revenue but spent at least $50.00.)

So i know i am good with that Ad Group from an ROI perspective.

But If i see a Red Widget 25.00 Group that Spent $100 on clicks and 1 conversion, then I potentially lost money on this Ad group - My quick revenue would be a minimum $25.00, so I should check this group more thoroughly for true revenue received and potential make some adjustments to that Group.

This is just a Quick visual Audit check that may help you Focus more time on groups that need attention. It's not True ROI or any other measurement indicator, just something to help you remember the cost or profit margin or $ that can be generated from conversions.