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Distribution of clicks during a day

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I have checked on "Delivery method - Accelerated: Do not optimize delivery of ads, spending budget more quickly. This may cause your budget to run out early."


Now I worry how this will affect my total number of clicks.


The below graphs are my "all time".


Here is my graph of number clicks dependently on the hour of day:


Screenshot from 2016-05-11 17-44-51.png


and here is my CPC:


Screenshot from 2016-05-11 17-44-57.png


How "Accelerated" settings influence my number of clicks? (I have fixed budget, because it is a Google Grant account)

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Re: Distribution of clicks during a day

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@Victor P


It really should not have a direct effect on the total number you receive on any given day,  but rather how quickly you get them.  Let me illustrate.  When you  build a campaign, Adwords will forecast the potential impressions and clicks based off historical data. Let's say that you build a campaign, and based on your kw bids, you could potentially spend $300/day.  You set the budget to $100/day. With the default setting "Optimize delivery of ads, spending budget evenly over time," Adwords will throttle your delivery so that your budget is not spent in the first 33% of the day. It may do something along the lines of only serving your ad 1 out of every 3 times it would be eligible to serve.

The setting you have picked means that there will be no throttling, and you could potentially exhaust your budget after 33% of the day is over with in the example I've given.

It's important to understand the setting you've chosen is all relative to your daily budget and how much potential traffic there is for the campaign(s) you've built. 

Re: Distribution of clicks during a day

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Hi Victor,

David K makes a good point. One thing I would add is that if you may want to start out with your budget spread evenly across the day, and then see what time of day you get the best, most relevant clicks (clicks that lead to conversions or to best website usage metrics, depending on your organizational goals). Once you've understood this dynamic better, you could use the scheduling feature to fine tune your campaign. Otherwise, if you start out with accelerated delivery, and your best visitors are in the evening, you may not have enough data to notice this.

Hope this helps.