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Display network 100 clicks 0 conversions

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Hi everyone, first time posting.

I Have my first campaign running, advertising a website that is not mine, and hoping for conversions.

I already go 55 clicks, out of 14000 impressions, which means that my CTR is 0.40.

I'm on auto bidding just because i don't have enough knowledge.


I have two ad-groups:

Group A- targets 4 words (Broad match modifier)- targets only men in the ages of 34-44, and has a certain topic targeting, and a 4 websites placement targeting, all set to "target and bid".

Group B- targets 4 totally different words(Broad match modifier), targets men and women in the ages of 34-44, with the same topic targeting, and the same 4 websites placement targeting, all set to "target and bid".



I spent something like 20 dollars for those 55 clicks, got no conversions.

To my understanding i cant use re-marketing because i don't own the website.

What should i do next?

What am i doing wrong?

How can i get my first conversions.


Please guys, give a fellow newbie some advice,

Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Display network 100 clicks 0 conversions

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First of all, you should know that all the keywords across the display network are only broad match type, adding any keywords with a different match type will be still treated as broad match type.

In terms of why you are not getting conversions, there are main possible issues; a poorly managed campaign or poor website. The first place to check is the campaign itself, double check your targeting settings. Make sure to be very close your conversion action. Have a look at these articles, they would help you a lot:-

Then, if you are satisfied with your campaign settings, it's time to look at your site a bit more depth to understand whey customers are not converting. You can drive the most relevant traffic to your website, but when users arrive to your landing page they bounce off, they didn't find what they are looking for, they don't trust your product, your offer isn't compelling enough or for many reasons. Go through this article to know how to build up a good experience landing page:-

Re: Display network 100 clicks 0 conversions

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Another point to add here, due to the nature of the display network, CTR is relatively low compared to search. I wouldn't necessarily say that a CTR of 0.4 is low on  display

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Display network 100 clicks 0 conversions

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Hi Ahmed,
Thanks for your help.
I think the reason that I'm not having conversions at all is a targeting issue, because the landing page is pretty good,
See yourself- .
Please give your honest opinion.

Targeting wise, what do you think of my numbers?
Is 4 words and 4 placements are enough?
Should I mark the bid only or target and bid?
How's my CTR looking?
What do you think is a common conversion rate for this kind of landing pages?

I just figured it out- the owners of the website enjoys the remarketing of the users WE send to their site, and they easelly turn them in conversions and we earn nothing out of it

What do you guys think? I think this post can become a very helpful discussion..
Thanks in advance.