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Display, from keyword targeting to placement targeting

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Hi everybody,


Currently I’m running my display campaigns mainly based on keyword targeting, and I’m thinking about switching to placement targeting. But before doing that there are a couple of things I’m not sure about, and I was wondering if any of you could maybe shine some light on this Smiley Wink


For the context it might be interesting to know that I have only one service I would like to sell.


  • How do you Ad Group placements? I was thinking about creating two placements, one for broad websites, where I will use keyword targeting to become more relevant and one for websites very specific for my service. But coming from 30+ Ad Groups to just two still doesn’t feel completely right.
  • How do I use the If I’m correct they carry a unique code right? So if I add them to my managed placements Google knows where to direct them? And I’ve also heard rumors that are usually big websites and therefore might require some additional keyword targeting. Does anyone know more about this?
  • What kinda formula would you recommend to determine the bids? I was thinking about Target CPL * CTR (I have enough significant data).

And I’m also very curious in the experiences of the more practiced people here on the forum J.


Many thanks in advance!



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Re: Display, from keyword targeting to placement targeting

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Hi Bram,


As far as the managed placements are concerned, you can first identify what placements (i.e. the automatic placements) really matched your targeting services from the keywords you have already implemented. Based on that analysis, you can shift the placements from automatic to managed placements. In that case also if you find large number of automatic placements you can create a dedicated campaign for those managed placements. As far as my understanding goes, these are those publishers who doesn't want to show case their domain names and are kept as anonymous when we review the reports. Here's one old thread for more details on this particular part:


In terms of setting the bids for your Display network campaign, did you try the Display Planner tool which gives you historical CPC stats of the placements or the keywords you want to bid on inside Display Network. More details on how you can use it are here:


I hope this helps!


Re: Display, from keyword targeting to placement targeting

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Hi Pankaj,

Yes, that is what I'm doing right now, shifting all good performing automated placements to a campaign with managed placements. I'm just not sure in that dedicated account how I should shape my Ad Groups, right now I can only think about just two Ad Groups, one with general (bigger websites) with keywords as additional targeting and one with the very specific and related placements.

I'm aware they want to stay anonymous and I know I can analyse them further by using analytics, but by just running the performance report I'm already positive I want to use them as managed placement. My concern or question is if I enter:
Google will now which placement it is or if they just will target every site who wants to stay anonymous? Because I don't have a placement in my report like, but just that link

And regarding the historical CPC for the placements in the display planner, thanks, great tip!!