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Display campiagn Problem

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Hi All,


I am running a display campaign for one of my client.


The campaign is CPM based, I am using topic and Keywords targeting for this campaign. I am also using Impression cap per user, I have set it to 100.


The problem I am facing is, the daily budget goes depleted early in the day. The budget goes depleted by 12 or 1 pm in the day. But I want to run the campaign throughout the day.


Just to add more Info I am also using automated rules the campaign goes Off in the night and starts 8 in the morning.


The campaign is running across the country and daily budget is $300 per day. but it goes depleted early in the day. Any idea how can I keep running campaign in same budget to entire day.



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Re: Display campiagn Problem

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Hi Bubble,


You haven't mentioned which delivery method you are opted to show your ads. If you have opted Accelerated Delivery method change it to standard delivery method. 


You also need to check the bidding prices of you ads. If you bidding is very high consider reducing the bidding price. The other way to do this is to allow Adwords to automatically set bids for you, which automatically lowers and adjusts your bidding price to targeted budget.


For more:

Re: Display campiagn Problem

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Hello Bubble,


As you don't want to increase the daily Budget and also to ensure that this daily budget would be used through out the day instead of getting depleted early on the day.


Please select the option Standard Delivery in the Ad Delivery Setting in the campaign. When you select Standard Delivery, the system would evenly distribute your ads throughout the day within your daily budget. But please also note, your ads may not appear every time someone searches (Search Network).



Hope this Helps.


- Prashanth Renigutnala

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Re: Display campiagn Problem

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@Prashanth Joel  ,


OP has already mentioned, s(he) is using CPM bidding in the campaign and CPM bidding is not available in Search campaigns, it is only available in display campaign.


@Bubble , You can also reduce the frequency capping/users from 100 to 20 or less. 

Try to remove the geographic locations those are not meeting advertising KPI.


In addition of that, you can try the CPC bids,where you can set minimum bids $0.01 where as in CPM bids you can set min bid $0.25, which is much higher. In order to serve full days ads you can try this alternative.

--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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Re: Display campiagn Problem

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Hello @RAKESH Kumar,

Did I write it wrong, I never wrote use CPM in Search Network, what i wrote was the definition we know for Standard Delivery when it is in Search Network. I am completely cognizant of the fact that she has a display campaign and she would use CPM, she wrote that infact.

Where did you find that Sir.

- Prashanth Reniguntala

Re: Display campiagn Problem

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Hi Prashanth ,


"But please also note, your ads may not appear every time someone searches (Search Network)." ?


May be that's the reason Rakesh has mentioned you. Could you please us tell why you had mentioned Search Network there ?



Thanks and Regards


Re: Display campiagn Problem

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Hello John,

I am sorry if that was rude, not intended it to be. I was like did I type it wrong?

I typed it coz that statement is mainly used when we speak abt Standard Delivery. Thats why I wrote that in brackets.
However, I should have avoided that. May be it was not necessary.
- Prashanth Joel Reniguntala