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Display campaign stopped getting impressions

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Hi Display Marketing Experts,


We are using managed placement in one of my display network campaign. we were getting good number of impressions before a 10 days and all of a sudden we have stopped receiving impressions. As per my knowledge there can be two reasons for the same. 


1) Competitors Bid changes - I have doubled my bids but no luck

2) Website might have blocked my ads - i think this might not be the reason in my case, reason is - if i create a new campaign with same targeting it is running for a day and again it will stop receiving impressions after 1 day.




Request anyone please help me finding the solution for my problem.



Thanks in advance.


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Re: Display campaign stopped getting impressions

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And if option 1 is the most likely you need to raise the bid.
Before doing that double check that you have in your ad-groups, ads in all banner sizes.
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Display campaign stopped getting impressions

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Thanks MosheTLV for the quick reply.

We have already doubled the bids which means it will be hard for us to run business if we still increase the bibs and Yes, we have all adsizes supported by google.

Is there any other solution to solve my problem? - please suggest.

Re: Display campaign stopped getting impressions

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Hi ThePPCExpert,

Most likely the reason for this is a low ctr compared to the competition on the same pages. Display ads have a QS. That QS changes for each site where your ad is eligible to run. Unfortunately, we don't ever get to see that QS. As with search ads, the main factor in that QS is CTR. Can you look at Lost IS/Rank? It may give you and idea of what's happening.

Best of Luck,

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords