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Display ads which are approved but dint receive any impressions/clicks. What could have gone wrong?

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September 2015

Re: Display ads which are approved but dint receive any impressions/clicks. What could have gone wro

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Hello Poonam and welcome,


There could be many reasons behind that....I could think of few:


Display ads tend to run on Google Display Network and not on Google Search Network. So make sure that you have enabled the Display Network.


Display ads normally require high bidding as compared to normal text ads. So in case you want your image/flash ads to qualify for the ad auction, you should bid competitve enough to get eligible for displaying ads.


I don't know if you are trying to target automatic placements or have included some domains as managed placements to show ads on them. In case you have included managed placements, go to Display Network Tab and select Managed Placements. Then hover mouse over the individual placement and see what it says, yes or no. If it says no there would be reason mentioned why your ad is not showing.


There might be Low Ad Rank issue due to which your display ads are not getting eligible for the ad auction.


Few suggestions I would advice you would be:


Separate the Google Display Network from Search network if they are within a same campaign because both audiences are different and behave differently.


I would prefer to create a separate Image ads campaign than that of normal text ad campaign. In case you don't want to separate them, then you should create separate ad groups for regular text ads and image ads and set high bid for image ads to get qualified.


I hope that helps!