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Display Targeting

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Hello Community,


I'm running a display campaign, and curious as to how some of the targeting options work together. For example, I am using Topics, Placements, and Keywords in some of my campaigns. I am curious as to the following:


If I choose a Topic: Fitness, and use the Target and Bid option to show ads only on pages with these topics.

Then, I set my display keywords to Bid Only. Will this structure help narrow down my targeting to pages on the Fitness topic that have keywords similar to mine, or do the keywords become irrelevant at this point?


Other scenario. If I use Topic targeting as above, will my managed placements play any role at all? For example, my Topic might exclude some of my placements altogether. But those placements that do fit under the Topic, will they be given any special consideration, or are they basically irrelevant at that point?


Thank you.

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September 2015

Re: Display Targeting

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Hi @Alexander S;

When using target and bid the AND  - condition applies.

When using "bid only" - the OR condition applies.

So, when you use topics + managed placements,  and choosing  "target and bid" -  your ad will be shown only on placements that are also under the category of the "fitness". If no managed placement linked to this category - no ads will be shown.

With mange placements, I prefer to add   keywords as an additional targeting method, to narrow   targeting  for pages within the placements (=sites)   with  content matches the theme of the keywords.

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Re: Display Targeting

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Thank you, Moshe.