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Display Remarketing Campaign: targeting same audience in two ad groups

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I'm taking over an account that has a display remarketing campaign setup. Everything is fine with the remarketing tag implementation, but I'm curious as to others thoughts on the campaign setup. There are two different ad creatives (multiple sizes) each with a different landing page (same domain). The current setup is to have two ad groups: creative with landing page 1 in one ad group and creative with landing page 2 in another ad group. Everything else about the ad groups are the same (including the audience targeting). Would anyone else be concerned that these two ad groups would conflict/compete with each other? Each landing page is of equal importance, if that helps.


I checked in with AdWords support and received the following answer "ads would never compete with each other in terms of bidding against each other. They compete only in the sense that one would ultimately show and not both on one display network page", but I'm interested what the community has to think.



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Re: Display Remarketing Campaign: targeting same audience in two ad groups

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Hi Sean,

The answer you received from support is correct. The ads will not have an impact on each other's actual CPC, i.e. the amount you pay for a click on either of them. However, the system will pick only one of them to participate in any given auction for an impression on the SERP.