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Display Network for a regional Campaign

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I've been running a display network campaign since 2008.  Its on a regional basis.  Its not big.  For most of that period it simply never shows.  Last month impressions suddenly exploded to over 1,000/day.  Except for some months when we started it back in 2008 and 2009, the cmapaign has never shown, never gotten impressions and needless to say never gotten clicks at any appreciable level.   In this past November it exploded with impressions and clicks and costs 


GREAT!!  we like the exposure.   Then at the end of November through now it again is running at less than 100 impressions/ day   We have virtually never made changes.


What gives and what can I do to try and get better exposure?

Re: Display Network for a regional Campaign

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Seems like an unusual occurrence - a few questions to clarify so that I can help answer your query

- What targeting method are you using on the campaign?
- What are you bids set at (Keyword or AdGroup or Placement level)

Hopefully we should be able to let you know why. My initial thoughts are that you've got low bids and your ads are currently only showing when there is high volumes of inventory.

With the recent large E-Commerce sales in the USA traffic volume may have exceeded demand and hence your inventory was shown.

Should be able to help out more when you let us know the settings.


Re: Display Network for a regional Campaign

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i will recommend you to go to the dimensions tab and look for the specific day, you will find that where the traffic came from. Also have you by chance turned on the Mobiles & tablets if they are not already?