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Display Network big enough?

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Dear All,


I run campaigns for my company but some agencies I was in contact with offered traffic from the Display Network as well.


What does this really imply? That Ishould shout my display campaigns to not compete against them, right?


I d say that 90% of my campaigns run with contextual-keywords targeting…



Thanks for a clarification!



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Re: Display Network big enough?

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Hi floriana;

Could you clarify what do you mean by: "offered traffic from the Display Network as well."

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Re: Display Network big enough?

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As they are an agency we don t know where they by traffic. We provide them with the info of the target audience we would like to be addressed and that´s it.


They buy Facebook advertising for instance and they would like to run Display campaigns for us in Google. But we have that internally...


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Re: Display Network big enough?

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Hi floriana,


It's probably a good idea not to run DN campaigns yourself if you also have an agency doing that, unless you are targeting different products or services. They will compete against each other and ultimately drive your CPC costs up.


I would insist on detailed reports of keywords used, manual placements targeted, automatic placement performance.


Best of Luck!




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