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Display Network Campaign

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Hi all,
On 2nd December, Wednesday I launch a couple of Display Network campaigns. My banners were approved and the campaign was running great but for only for 2 days. On Friday after I put some websites as placements it just stop!!! Over the Status I am getting two errors "You don't have enough Google AdSense pageviews yet to diagnose the combination of your current campaign settings and targeting criteria. What can I do?" and "This ad group isn't currently available for serving. Please try again later.Internal error." 
Today in the morning I set up the same campaign with the same banners. After a wile my banners were approved and I started to get the same error massages. I contacted the AdWords support team  in United Kingdom and they told me to wait 1 more day, since my banners were not approved. 
The weird think is that my banners are Approved and I am running out of time. I read somewhere here in Advertiser community that people are getting same errors but no solutions. 
 I will really appreciate if someone helps.
Simeon Kirilov
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Re: Display Network Campaign

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Hi there;
This message usually indicates that your targeting methods are too narrow or your bid is too low.
I would expand the treating the audience, and higher raise the bid.
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Display Network Campaign

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Did it already
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December 2015

Re: Display Network Campaign

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Hi Winedrop,

Did you set this up to show only only selected placements? Just a thought.

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Display Network Campaign

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Check if you have used multiple targetings with "target and bid" which might be narrowing your reach.

Archit, AdWords Rising Star, Community Profile
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