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Display Network Campaign

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hi I created 4 display network campaigns and I got more than 40k clicks on my website but nobody registers or fill up the form and this is not normal I am afraid of that the form gives the users errors so I want to make sure that my form is performering well and I want to knwo in your opinion whats the problem why users don't apply the form 

waiting your reply

my website

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Display Network Campaign

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When there is a traffic to the website with no conversions there could be 2 options:

Either the traffic is irrelevant 

Or the landing page does not convert.

I would start by checking the traffic (keywords match types, negative keywords... All the common technique to narrow traffic to  relevant users only)

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Display Network Campaign

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I agree with @MosheTLV, and would like to add that the conversion is also depends on the no. of fields in the form.

Less the no. of fields, more will be the conversion.

Also, visitors would refrain to fill the field like Comment / Note in the form.

Display Network Campaign

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Hi Nagwa,


I agree with Moshe & Bhupinder viewpoints... and have a few more for you. 


1) Are you using Google Analytics? You need to utilize all of that traffic's data to better understand what your customers are doing. Are they moving on to other pages of your website? Are they bouncing? And how much is the traffic organic versus paid (AdWords)? You bought 40K clicks so at the very least you have purchased traffic metrics that can be used to improve tomorrow. 


2) How new is the website? A new website/company will bring a slower conversion since consumer confidence will be lower. Do you have any local buzz? What about local support from industry experts, consumer-based advocacy groups... something that gives you credibility with consumers?


3) What about website security? No SSL... and do I get spammed by giving you my contact info? Consumers are cautious about giving out name, phone number, email, etc. Think like a new visitor: what will you do with my info? Think like yourself: Why do I want this info from them... Will I call them? If not, omit the phone number request. 


4) Why not add in some search campaigns? These should bring a different type of shopper (versus the display campaigns). 


5) What type of targeting are you using with Display campaigns? Keywords? Placements? Are you using any exclusions? 


6) Have you visited the Dimensions tab? There are several drop down menus that provide some solid insight about your AdWords campaigns. Review each one. Again, you bought 40K clicks so at the very least you have purchased traffic metrics that can be used to improve tomorrow. 


Those are just some things for you to think about, but not really answer here (unless you wish to discuss them further). 


Now then, I think the main issue is with the landing page. It could be that your AdWords campaign needs adjustments, too, but I still don't like the landing page. I removed the sub-domain (offer.) and actually like the front page of the main website better. 


I think you should try using the front page for a week... and while you do, I would rebuild the landing page and move the signup form to the right of the image in the above the fold content (no scrolling to see it). And I would make a red action button/banner with an arrow that points to the signup form with the words: Sign Up And Get 30% Off! I actually clicked several times on the round red button "Sign Up Now" and, of course, it did nothing. I then paused and scrolled down to find the web form. This is confusing.


Consider adding in your phone number that says: Speak With Us Now! Add some of the category image blocks from the main site's front page to the below the fold spacing of the landing page and present some of the strength of your products (what I get to enjoy for being involved/giving you my contact info). Make it really clear that you offer something great and by signing up they get the exclusive discount. And consider adding in your website's menu to the landing page to capture the traffic if they want to investigate before signing up. You can then compare traffic to the traffic before all of these changes and see if you are engaging them more now.


Be sure to review AdWords: Understanding your landing page experience


Kind Regards,



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