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Hi Community,


What are the various ways in which i can optimize my display campaigns?

Every thing seems to be right but still not getting clicks and conversion...

Please suggest

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Hello Saurav,
1.Check your placement website and exclude those website where you are getting only click but not conversion. and check your conversion from which website you are getting conversion. add more website relevant to these website.
2. If you are not getting any click from display network, try to increase your cpc.

Hope it helps you.

Re: Display Campaigns

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Hi Suman,
Thanks, but this things i have already tried please suggest me some other ways.
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Re: Display Campaigns

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1) Some placements have view-through conversions. Do not disable those sites if they have many impressions and not so many clicks. Those impressions precede conversions in other campaigns.


2) Use the "below the fold" exclusion to bring your ads in the upper side of the websites :


3) Use keywords or topics to refine traffic for every placement. For example a website may have only 1000 pages with the words about what you sell and another 100.000 without those words. If you add a few words and create an ad group for the words that mean the same , you can target better and receive less impressions but only on relevant pages


4) Use more ad groups and copy the placements to all ad groups. Every ad group should include keywords that target at the same kind of product or service.


5) Eliminate age segments like "unknown" because even 14 year old kids without money are allowed to create a google account and can browse. Perhaps if your product is for older people with more financial power, you can also eliminate the young segment 18 to 25.


6) Try first to eliminate mobile traffic with the -100% decrease, if you do not have a mobile sub-section of your website


7) Try restricting visitors to certain locations with "Advanced location options"


8) If you only target female with your products / services, exclude "unknown" and "male"


9) In the Display campaign, bigger is better. Try building banners with the Display Ad builder. 


10) If a placement is too expensive, like it has 10 clicks for 1000 impressions, Try bidding for CPM and move it to a different campaign. Put at first the CPM bid to the minimum and see what happens, it may generate the same amount of clicks for 1000 impressions but you will pay only for impressions.

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Also try


11) Frequency capping to avoid displaying the same ads to a user more than 10 times a day


12) Targeting audiences from people who visited a strategic page or almost converted ( shopping cart abandoners) . Remarketing in the Display Network is always better than targeting random users.


13) Read about the "similar audiences" feature and when it is activated for you try to use it.