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Display Ad Remarketing length of time to see results

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Does anybody know how long remarketing on a display ad campaign takes to start seeing results?  I'm not impatient, but I thought I should know when I can expect to start seeing results.  I have an ecommerce site.  I started my remarketing campaign about 3 or 4 days ago.  My display ad drives 200-300 visitors to my site daily, and I have built up about 700 people in my remarketing list as of today.


Any insight is appreciated.




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Display Ad Remarketing length of time to see results

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Hi Vartan,


When you say results, what are you referring to? 


If you just mean clicks & impressions then it depends on a number of factors:


How specified your Targeting is for that particular remarketing AdGroup (i.e. Did you add any other targeting like Demographics or Topics ON TOP of the Remarketing targeting in the AdGroup(s)? If yes then it may take longer to get results)


**This is assuming you're using a manual bid strategy** What your bid is at (if you have an extremely low bid, which is relative, then it may take a bit longer to show)


Did you add Geo Targeting that limits your users in your "Campaign Settings?" (However, you don't want to show to any customers that have been to your site from a country you don't sell to.)


How long is the membership in the audience?


And finally... It all depends on raw numbers within the audience. The more people in your audience the more likely your ads will show.


Personally I have had good luck with raising bids (I use E-CPC bidding though) just enough to "persuade" the AdWords system to show my ads sooner.


I hope this helps and best of luck in AdWords!

Display Ad Remarketing length of time to see results

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This should be OK (minimum 100 users) 

So the reason should be looked somewhere else (low bid? Not having all banner sizes?...)

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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