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Display Ad Organization - co-op retailer campaigns

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I have a national retailer that wants to run display ads for their stores, but some of their stores will be in the same general area (ie. there may be 2 or 3 of these stores in one metroplex). Each store website has their own URL for their location. Although the display ads will look similar, each store will have their information in it (location, phone number, etc).


To save on time, I'd rather have all the display ads in one account rather than have 100s of accounts for each store. So what I'd like to do is create a campaign for each store. However, targeting for some of these stores may sometimes be the same (serving in the same location, to the same audience pools).


I'm concerned with cannibalization and higher CPMs/CPCs by doing this however for those who are trying to serve ads at the same time in the same regions to the same people. What are some pros and cons of doing it this way with one account, versus creating multiple accounts? Is it possible for display ads in 2 different campaigns to show up at the same time (different spots on the same webpage)?

Re: Display Ad Organization - co-op retailer campaigns

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Hi Jenni,

Welcome to the AdWords Community!


Could you give a little more specifics re the types of businesses you're advertising for?  Google typically only allows one Ad per Account to participate and serve Ads in their auctions, and they do not want the same advertiser to advertise in the same auction with multiple domains.  From a Search standpoint they'll only show one Ad per advertiser for any given Keyword search.


One solution would be to run one Account, and inside of that Account have multiple Campaigns each targeted towards a different geographic area.  If you have multiple stores that are all in the same geographic area you wouldn't be able to target that granularly, and your audience would likely be very, very small.  I'd suggest setting up Campaigns probably by city - would that work?  You can do radius targeting, but I'm guessing your audience would be very small if you tried to segment your audience that granularly, so I suggest a higher order for geographic region.