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Discrepancy between mobile and desktop traffic after bid management.

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What can cause adwords traffic from mobile devices to drop campaign-wide after bid management on just a few keywords in an ad group (same campaign)?


Desktop devices are performing well, but adwords traffic from mobile took a hit. What could be causing this discrepancy between devices? Is there a particular bid sharing requirement that must be followed when performing bid management to ensure mobile devices don't fluctuate or drop below normal levels, compared to desktop devices?



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September 2015

Re: Discrepancy between mobile and desktop traffic after bid managemen

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Google Employee
Hi Paul,

Thanks for contacting us. When troubleshooting any traffic drop, it's a good idea to look at the root factors which directly influence this traffic. Additionally, when comparing it to another - it's important to understand how the same metrics differ in nature between the two comparisons.

Here's how you might want to look at a total drop in clicks:

1. Did only the clicks drop or did the CTR/impressions also drop?
2. If the impressions dropped - check possible reasons for impression drops (like decreased bids, decreased budget, lost impression share report (to tell you what % of impressions were dropped due to bids and budget respectively).
3. If the CTR dropped - try looking at the root factors - did this come from any particular ad group? Were any mobile preferred ads here recently edited? Did the average position drop recently (on mobiles, a drop from 2-3 can have a huge impact on CTR)?

If you're still not able to figure this out and need assistance from us, we're happy to help. Do call/chat/email us and we'll help you figure it out. Smiley Happy



Re: Discrepancy between mobile and desktop traffic after bid managemen

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Been busy the past few months, so never really got to reviewing the post here. Anyways, thanks for the info RaggyRat. Smiley Happy