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Different languages

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My landing page is in english, but im targeting a country that isn't english speaking. However i've realised that i can only reach the necessary amount of clicks if i use mainly the country's language for my keywords.

What i need help with is choosing where to use english and where not. If the keywords aren't english then can the ads be english or would it all work if nothing would be english except the landing page, because it seems that it would be best way to improve my results for clicks?

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September 2015

Re: Different languages

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Hi Magnet,

There are essentially three factors to consider here:

1. your keywords

2. the browser language of the user

3. the landing page language

Let's start off by saying that Google doesn't really care which language you use for any of these.... and Google doesn't translate anything (keyword or ads) so the decision is down to you, but there are some important points to make about each....

Keywords - if you use english keywords and your target use spanish keywords, then unless the same words is used in both, then you wont get the traffic - the keywords simply wont trigger any impressions. I often find, however, that some people do use english words when they search for something - presumably it tends to give them better results...

Browser settings. One of the main ways (although not the only way) Google determines whether or not a person should see your ad is down to the language setting in their browser preferences. So if you set your campaign to target spanish speakers, Google will not serve your ad to a person in spain if their browser language preference is set to english. This is important because you can select a variety of languages - not just one - so, for example you might select english and spanish for your campaign - in this situation anyone searching for "london hotel" for example will be eligible to see your ad, whether they speak english or spanish. The thing to bear in mind here is that this would be a valid search term in engish or in spanish since london is a name and hotel is the same word in both languages.... but the ad that would be triggered would be in the language you wrote it in... let's assume this is english.

Thus a spanish speaker searches and your ad in english appears - they are less likely to click on it - since the don't understand it - your CTR drops and your QS gets hit over time.

But let's assume they do click on your ad - and they get to your landing page. Now the landing page is only available in english - and now what do they do? Probably look for the spanish version and then leave. Still no good to you.

For practically all my campaigns I segment the languages. I work with a number of clients here in southern spain where there are lots of nationalities. I setup a camapign in spanish and a camapign in english. I will opften include other language users in the english camapign - as much as anythnig because in my experience the danish, swedes, norwegians, germans¡, dutch and many others that live here speak excellent english and will be searching in english because few of the websites in the area are translated into all these languages - most are spanish and english.

I then write ads for each in the specific language only.

Then I direct that visitor to the landing page in his preferred language.

At the end of the day I can do what I want - as I said Google doesn't mind. but it simply makes little sense to run keywords that trigger ads a user doesn't understand to take them to a landing page they don't understand. It just kills your numbers.

I guess the big question here is: If you are targeting a non english speaking country - why have you not translated your website?

You seem keen to get clicks - perhaps a better approach would be to think about getting conversions - and the best way to do that is to talk to your visitors in their language, surely.....

Re: Different languages

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Hi Steve,

Thank you for clearly quoting the approach to go ahead for language specific targets.

But I have a clarification, as you mentioned earlier what if a Spanish speaking individual searches ad in English and looks for an ad in Spanish. (As my English targeted campaigns would trigger ads only in English)

Looking forward for your reply.