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Different landing page per location and QS.

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I´m helping out a friend of mine who runs a chiropractic clinic in Oslo. The focus has been to attract customers in the area around the clinic, but we now want to attract clients in a bigger area. To do this I´m thinking about creating a new landing page for this customer base. Obviously there will be a lot of duplicate content on this landing page, because the service is basically the same. Will this hurt our QS or our efforts in SEO? What would be the best way to go about doing this?


Also, we have been structuring our campaign as SKAG, and most of the keywords has had a QS around 9-10. Suddenly some of the keywords have dropped to 6, no changes has been made prior to this, what could be a possible answer to this?


Really appreciate the forum!





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Re: Different landing page per location and QS.

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Hello Aleksander

If you will run two different campaigns with different landing page than the campaigns will compete with each other as the service is same so the keywords will be same as well.

You can run one campaign by doing radius targeting and select the area you want to show your ads in.

Hope this works!


Re: Different landing page per location and QS.

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Is your landing page associated with the same domain or different.

If Domain is same then you can use that landing page within the same adgroup also.
As the content will be from the same domain, there is no issue regarding duplicate content.

Also using this strategy, QS will improve.

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Re: Different landing page per location and QS.

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Hi @Aleksander O,


In the scenario you are talking about, I would advise you to have two separate campaigns, one for the local areas, and one for bigger areas excluding those local areas. This way there would not be conflicts even if you have same set of keywords in both the campaigns. However, I cannot deny conflicts to some extent as Google primarily relies on users' internet IP address to decide their location and it cannot be completely precise for small neighboring cities in the same country. But still, it is worth an experiment. 


About duplicate contents, yes it will definitely affect your page's overall quality rating in the context of SEO and it would be no wonder if you notice problems in your organic performance. Duplicate is duplicate, even if it's on the same domain. For AdWords, I cannot deny any negative effect, yet it shouldn't be noticeable enough. 


There can be one way out for it, you can disallow your landing for Googlebot (organic) and can allow for Adsbot-google (adwords) using robots.txt. You can read more Google's bots here


If I am in this scenario I will work with contents of the pages to make them differ from each other and would still not allow organic crawler to index my landing pages specifically created for paid advertising. 


My two cents. 


Ratan Jha


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