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Difference in Avg.Pos when running Ads 24hrs vs business hours ?

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Have you observed the difference in Avg.Pos when running Ads 24hrs vs business hours ?


I have observed that, When I run the Ads during only business hours, my average position starts with around 4 (@business hour starting) and gradually improves, by end of the day it come close to 3. 


I.e as the day progress the Avg.Pos improves, But when it starts next day it starts with  Avg.Pos 4.x


If I run the Ads 24 hrs, will it remain constant around 3 ?


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Re: Difference in Avg.Pos when running Ads 24hrs vs business hours ?

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There are a lot of factors for this.


Lets start with the Expected CTR.

You might be aware of it that Expected CTR plays the vital role to boost the QS. So, after your ads starting getting clicks and run full day, it get improved and is taken into consideration by adwords to increase the QS. Now, QS is improved and Bids are still the same to your ad's position will get improved.


Now other important factor is Competitors in that particular location where you are targeting.

Most of the PPC experts use ad scheduling and run their ads only in those business hours which are more resulting. Hence during those business hours, your QS and bids are same but those competitors with better QS and bid win the auction and appear before you making your position down.


So, the conclusion is if you will run 24 hours then due to being at the top during off business hours you will gain a higher position and lower during business hours which consequently makes an average position better.

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Re: Difference in Avg.Pos when running Ads 24hrs vs business hours ?

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Hi Mani,

Unlikely... in a word.

Position is determined - in the main - by the levels of competition.

At its simplest AdWords is an auction (OK - there are lots of factors that give your bid weightings, but condense it down and it's an auction) so your position depends upon your bid (or better, the end value of your bid) compared with the bids of others looking to serve their ad to the same search term.

Slo what's happening in your case? At the start of the day there is most competition - so your av position is at its lowest. As the day progresses some competitors will either have decided that the later hours are not as good for them - in which case theyt have their ads scheduled to stop running, or possibly they will have run out of budget for the day and Google stops showing their ads - whatever the case, the competition is lower - so your average position improves.

Come the next day and these same competitor's ads are running again and we start over.

If you run your ads 24 hours a day you will likely find that at 4am your position is very good.... but the number and quality of the clicks you get may be much lower, making them unprofitable - it is a question of testing.

As an illustration of this I had an ecomm client a couple of years ago that was running ads 24/7 - I noticed that there were very few visitors during the middle of the night. I considered scheduling the ads and stop running them at these hours, until I ran the numbers. These visitors had a much better ROI than their daytime counterparts - I set up a separate campaign for them - I labelled it "night owls" since these were 3 and 4am visitors... probably people like security guards with nothing to do! This was the most profitable campaign on the account - although the volume was comparatively low.

The lesson is to test and run the numbers. Average position is a weak indicator, try segmenting your traffic into top vs other and see how well the lower positions perform for you in terms of ROI...

Sometimes the cost of competing for the top spots can be a fool's errand - you are competing with those people who are fixated on "being top of Google" but who don't look at the ROI. If you get into this kind of competition then you lose the true focus of what you should be doing which is looking for the best ROI combined with volume for your campaigns - and this is not always in the most obvious place.