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Difference between pagerank (SEO) and Quality Score (SEA) scoring?

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I'm trying to improve the quality score of my keywords in my PPC campaign by improving the written content on my landing pages to better match my ads and my keywords.


Question: Are the tools out there for SEO landing page optimalisation also suitable when you're trying to improve the quality score of that page for PPC campaigns?


In other words: Is there a difference in the scoring of landing page content for SEO pagerank and SEA quality score? Surpringly, I could find anything that explains the difference (if there is any).


If there is, can anyone recommend a tool that specialises in the optimalisation of webpages for the quality score of PPC campaigns?



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Re: Difference between pagerank (SEO) and Quality Score (SEA) scoring?

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HI Michel,

I don't think there are specific "PPC" landing page tools. But when it comes to PPC landing page two factors that count most is whether your keywords and ad text is relevant to the landing page. And whether your landing pages has issues like annoying pop us etc.

Re: Difference between pagerank (SEO) and Quality Score (SEA) scoring?

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Hi Michel,


For a good landing Page Score, you need to consider few things apart from relevant ads point to relevant websites.


  1. providing relevant, useful, and original content,
  2. promoting transparency and fostering trustworthiness on your site (for example, by explaining your products or services before asking visitors to fill out forms sharing their own information),
  3. making it easy for customers to navigate your site (including on mobile sites), and
  4. encouraging customers to spend time on your site (for example, by making sure your page loads quickly so people who click your ad don’t give up and leave your site prematurely).

However, please go through the  AdWords Landing Page Grader, from Wordstream, this may help you with some insights. This is one of few widely used tools to gauge AdWords Landing pages.


Hope this Helps.

- Prashanth Reniguntala

Re: Difference between pagerank (SEO) and Quality Score (SEA) scoring?

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Hi there;


I would focus  my efforts on the CTR. This is the major and the predominant component of QS. So, work on your CTR. (All the known techniques: relevant keywords, match types, Ad-copy, separate ad-groups by match types - if possible etc...)

As for the landing page: follow these guidelines: 


Landing page experience

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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