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Device Specific Campaigns?

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Hi All,


I am wondering who has tried splitting campaigns into separate devices now that the option is available, and if so what have your results been like? (I am talking about campaigns with all but one device set to -100% adjustment). 


Have you found this approach useful for optimising device performance? What trends have you noticed? 


I'm just wondering how many of you have tried this yet. 


Kind Regards,

Device Specific Campaigns?

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Yes, mixed, yes, and it depends. Smiley Happy


If your advertising objectives are device specific, then of course segmenting campaigns by device will help to accomplish those goals, and reduce unwanted (device) costs. If the purchase of your products or services is device specific (can't design on a cell phone, can't call on a computer), then when Google lumped all devices together, they were just forcing those advertisers to lose money. The more money you lose, the less you spend. Smiley Happy Alphabet certainly made a bunch of money last quarter, so apparently this has been a good thing for everybody.


One concerning trend I have noticed is a sharp increase in CPC's for some mobile search focused accounts/campaigns. With device bid adjustments, you really had to be on top of things to know which position you were showing in for which device. Now that advertisers can more clearly see that data, bids are going through the roof in some cases. I hope the hype will die down over time - Unfortunately too few people actually do the analysis. So, as long as Google is claiming mobile is all there is to life (not QS anymore?), mobile search may become the worst buy for the buck.


Before you go and build a huge device segmented account, keep these factors in mind: 


You still have device bid adjustments in between -0 and -100%. If the CPC's for one device type are spiking, try reducing bids and waiting out the storm, before building a new campaign.


There are both final URL, and final mobile URL's for expanded text ads. If you do have separate landing pages for mobile and desktop/tablet users, the best ad content is still the best ad content. You don't necessarily have to create different ads for different campaigns segmented by device.