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Destination URL Redirects

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Hi Adword Fans,


I have some question to ask you guys why my destination URL from Search Result redirect to another URL. Such as my ads appear with & display is but when you click on the ads they will redirect to how that's possible ? Because I check with Adword Account they still on the same and I copy the URL past on URL Bar they not redirect ? 

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September 2015

Re: Destination URL Redirects

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Hi Mrx,


The URL redirects are handled by your server, not by AdWords system. So, there's no possibility that AdWords may be doing it. 


However, to help us look into it, could you please share the URL in question here?



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Re: Destination URL Redirects

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Hi Ratan-Jha,

I have a Bing Ads and Google Analytics redirect/destination URL question. We are running Ads for a Client in Bing Ads but they aren't showing the clicks except for a random click here and there originating from our Domain. They are using Google Analytics through Adobe Tag Manager on their site.

My question how can I find the Redirect URLs in GA account so I can see how many clicks are getting through to them. Here is a sample URL but all destination URLs we use have the same format:

this above URL redirects to the following:

Again what I want to do is find out how much of our traffic through the redirect is not timing out and getting thru to the client's page. How would I find this in Google Analytics?

Thank you,