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Desktop Versus Tablet Traffic

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I currently am separating device traffic into separate campaigns:


Campaign A: Desktop Only

Campaign B: Tablet + Mobile


However, I read in one of my books that desktop and tablet traffic convert similarly while mobile traffic is very different.


That being the case, now I'm thinking I should group the tablet traffic in the desktop campaign.


Does anyone have any experience as to whether or not desktop and tablet are similar enough to group them in the same campaign?


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October 2016

Re: Desktop Versus Tablet Traffic

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Hi Paul,

It really comes down to your website and how people interact with it, and what types of conversions you are tracking.

For example, if your conversion action is filling out a lengthy form, you would expect it to do better on a desktop.

The way I would do it is have the one campaign for all three initially. Then see how each device performs. Perhaps give it a month. If there are differences in conversions, and you want to give them different bids or ads, only then make new campaigns for them.

Desktop Versus Tablet Traffic

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I couldn't agree with Rob more. Smiley Happy Forget about what someone else says, or "best practices". Experiment, test, analyze, and find what works best for you.