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Deleting "Non-active" Kws or adgroups - Is this wise?

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Here's the scenario.


- I am bidding on 400+ keywords, of which 350'ish are not doing much.

- The campaign has run about 3 weeks.

- I've been diligent about adding negative keywords.

- Most of the keywords' QS are 5+, with most hanging around.

- The kw's that are getting the bulk of the impressions have high CTR (3-6%).


I am starting to prune this campaign, and I had this question.


Other than the usual optimization processes, I was wondering if cutting non-active keywords and/or ad groups makes sense. By "low or non-active", i mean the following keywords that have no conversion AND 


- have little or no impressions


- have impression, but low CTR or QS



1) Is broad negative "dangerous"? For example, suppose I sell red shoes only.. so I put a broad campaign negative on every other color but red, I can see how this would be bad in case of people looking for something like "alternative to blue shoes". But I fee like I'm just being overly paranoid with exception cases that represent just a minority possibility... or am i?


2) This way of pruning... is this a recommended approach? I can see how there might be a downside of doing this might be when I pause or cut keywords, that somehow it would "push" the ad rank of one of these cut keywords and somehow "bring it back to life". Or does this even happen at all?

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Re: Deleting "Non-active" Kws or adgroups - Is this wise?

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Hi @taewoo, good questions;


1) It really depends upon what you're promoting and what Keywords you use as to how "dangerous" a Broad match might be as a negative.  I do think many people are overly paranoid with their negatives, using far too many in an attempt to cut out 2 or 3 clicks a year when they get 10,000.  Using too many negatives can have an adverse affect on performance since, as you've pointed out, it's easy for them to inadvertently block valid queries.  Are you familiar with the Search Details report?  This will show you the actual queries people are using that match against your Keywords and it's an excellent source of information for both positives and negatives.  


2) Personally I tend to prune quite harshly and have no problem saying you should clear out poor Keywords on a regular basis.  The simple question you have to ask is, "Is this Keyword helping my Account"?  It's important to check carefully; some Keywords can act as "assists" for others, even if they don't convert themselves, and others can have a delay in converting (3 weeks really may not be long enough, depending upon what you're promoting).  I'd wait until they've accrued at least 1000 impressions, or have been running for at least two months before pruning, unless they're causing a lot of spend and are obviously wasteful.



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