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Re: Expensive Brand Bidding - Gambling

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Hi Googler, Welcome to the community!


As the actual CPC also depends on competitor bids, your CPC may remain still higher. There are other couple of ways to optimize the campaign to reduce the CPC


  1. Focus on long tail keywords: Run the search terms reports from keywords tab.

And check which keywords are profitable and add them to keywords list and increase the bid of these keywords if required.

You can check which keywords have high CPC and low conversions. And then you can decide which keywords combination can be avoided and add those terms in negative keywords list. This will avoid the irrelevant clicks and overall avg CPC can be improved.


Use the keywords match types: Please refer to below for more help-


  1. Use the keywords tool in opportunities tab to identify additional relevant and low competition keywords and add them to keywords list.
  2. Ad copies: Keep your ad copies as relevant as possible to avoid irrelevant traffic.
  3. Review location targeting: You can keep location targeted ads to avoid the ads from other locations if applicable.
  4.  You can create different campaigns for search and display network and allocate the budget accordingly. After tracking the performance, you can lower the CPC by making strategical changes to account.
  5. It’s not always advisable to achieve top 3 positions on side bar in Google or above the search results as they have higher CPC. Ad positioned above 3 (4-6) positions too get good traffic with low CPC.
  6. Check the CPC for mobile devices platforms and focus if the CPC are lower there.
  7. Needless to say, QS Quality score improvement can’t be escaped to lower the CPC-

Please refer webpage to improve QS


Hope this helps!




Re: Expensive Brand Bidding - Gambling

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Please be aware that in general (in most locations) you cannot advertise gambling on AdWords.

Verify full compliance with the Policy, otherwise you might be suspended;


Read the Casino and gambling section of the Policy

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