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Decreased Search Impressions but Consistent CTR & other metrics?

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I'm seeing impressions decay on a couple of my accounts but other performance metrics are staying consistent; can this be because of increased competition? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!

Re: Decreased Search Impressions but Consistent CTR & other metric

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Information on Impression share


and Auction Insight reports


You can use Auction insights reports to determine your impression share in respect to your competition.


You can also look through your campaigns to see your average position if you are at least 1-8 you are on page 1 and should always receive an impression.  If you are bumped to the second page because of increased competition, better bidding or low Quality scores or keyword that receive "low search volume" that could effect your impression share.


1) Run the Auction insight reports

2) check your QS and Ad Rank Positions


Also there could just be a timely issues as there are not as many search for the keyword terms, due to time of day, time of month, weather, seasonality etc.


One thing I would stress would be to make sure your are getting Conversions and your ROI  (return on Investment) is adequate.  At the end of the day Profits is what matters.