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Dealing with negtaive keywords

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Any advice here is appreciated


I have a broad match keyword ie +life +insurance.


A misspelling of this converts   '  life insureance '


I then pause the broad match keyword as its too expensive so now the misspelling doesnt show if someone searchers for it.


Do any of you experts out there have any experience of this, ie do misspellings actually work in theior own ad groups without using ( DK I ).


I will try it and post my findings but just wondered if anyone uses misspelled keywords like this


many thanks in advance



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Re: Dealing with negtaive keywords

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Hi Mac,


In case you paused your Broad modifier keyword, try launching the regular phrase or exact match type keyword. Reason being that AdWords is going to match the close variants of your phrase/exact match type keywords which does include misspellings as well.


So if currently your keyword (phrase/exact match) isn't triggering for misspelling, give it sometime, until AdWords start showing it for the close variants as well. See this screenshot for more details:-





Re: Dealing with negtaive keywords

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Good morning.


Although it may be possible to attract traffic to a deliberate misspelling of a keyword, AdWords' use of "close variations" these days means that traffic is normally served to the correctly spelled word.  


While people do make typos, it would be odd to see enough people making the same typo for the word to be included in the advertising database. (Being included as a "close variation" of another word is a different matter.) 


I would doubt that you'd see much traffic if you added the misspelled search query as a keyword. I would also be surprised to hear that the number of people making that same typo had any relationship to conversion volume. 


It's always a good idea to test things, though!




If the keyword +life +insurance is too expensive, you can cut down costs by using the search query report to identify and add negative keywords, to block unwanted traffic.  

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Re: Dealing with negtaive keywords

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Hi Mac, if you are adding misspelling as a keyword in the same group please make sure that you are not using dynamic insertion {KeyWord:headline text} so you will not tailor such headline ( Life Insureance ) to people.

Also I would suggest not to pause broad modifier match keyword if it's too expensive but decrease bids for it generates mostly relevant traffic - you will be on lower position but still get some relevant clicks.

Cheers, Alexey
UAWC Agency

Re: Dealing with negtaive keywords

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thank you