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Days and times that my ads run

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I want to run some of my adds Monday through Wednesday. Other adds I want to run only on weekends. I never want my adds to run between 11am and 2pm current Mountain time. How can I get my campaigns to run only at the day and time that I want?

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September 2015

Re: Days and times that my ads run

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Hi Curtis,
Welcome to the AdWords Community!
From your post I'm assuming that you have specific Ad Copy that you'd like to run Monday through Wednesday and then other specific Ad Copy to run on weekends, correct? Ad Scheduling is only available at the Campaign level, not at the Ad Group level.

If so, I'd set up two Campaigns -
1 Campaign for Monday - Wednesday
1 Campaign for Weekends

Then, I'd use Ad Scheduling -
For the Campaign running Monday through Wednesday use Ad Scheduling so that it only runs on that day, and then set it to not run between 11am and 2pm Mountain time.
For the Campaign running on weekends, use Ad Scheduling to only show Ads on the weekend and then set it to not run between 11am and 2pm Mountain time.

Keep in mind, make sure that you know what time zone your Account is set to as this is the time zone that Ad Scheduling runs on. If your Account is not on Mountain time, Account time zones can be changed once -

Ad Scheduling -

Re: Days and times that my ads run

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Hi Curtis
Adding my inputs to vkore91 great suggestion,if you have all the ads which you want to run on different days then try making rules at the ad level i.e. by selecting that particular ad. And if you have ads in different ad groups, then try making rules at ad group level. If you need help in making rules then please let us know along with the campaign and ad group structure so that we know where to implement the rules.

My thoughts!