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Data mining with negatives keywords : close variant or not?

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I'm taking lots of time for data mining with negatives insides lists and campaigns; this is very usefull for improving performance and reducing noisy impressions.

But I loose time because ways need to insert singular, plurial, with accent and other close variants.


So does someone of you have the information to confirm that negatives keywords support the close variant feature like positive keyword do or should I continue by enterring all of them ?


Already asked my account manager, but no success with any answer. Smiley Frustrated

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September 2015

Re: Data mining with negatives keywords : close variant or not?

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Hi Palbertus,


It is indeed common practice to add in variations of negative keywords.  The matching formulas for positive keywords are not the same as for negative keywords.


Take a look at this page: specifically this part:


"Your ads still might show on variations of the terms that you select as negative keywords. Your ads might still show on searches that contain only one of your negative keyword terms if your keyword terms are more than one word. Let's say you add the negative keyword "wine bottle." Your ad might still show for searches on "stemless wine glasses," "red wine," or "glass bottle." However, you ad wouldn't show for searches on "red wine bottle," "wine bottle opener," or "bottle opener for wine.""


Hope this helps!



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