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Daily budget only option?

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I'd like to spend X per month, but I don't really care about the # of clicks.  I'd rather pay $15 a click on my budget of X per month, if that is what it takes to get quality clicks.  My clicks are about quality and stealing those clicks from competitors, rather than fighting over sheer volume.  Is there any way to set a monthly budget and not restrict the daily amount, or to say, "don't spend more than ____" on a given day.

Re: Daily budget only option?

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Hey Bryce,

There is no way to set a monthly budget in AdWords, but you can use automated rules to set a monthly budget for your ads.
To set up the automated rules, you select the campaign you want to set the rule on Then click on the "Automate" drop down button and select "Pause campaigns when.."

Leave the requirement on "Cost" > X. For the "frequency" I would recommend having the rule run daily, then 12am (If you have an ad schedule then use the time that your ads stop running.) but make sure you select "Same Month" when choosing the data. Then Preview and Save.

If you don't want to spend more on a given day, I would recommend sticking to the daily budgets on AdWords and just adjusting based on how much you want to spend that day.


*Edit - Depending on what your monthly budget is, you might want to put slightly less in when setting up the rule, as google will allow it to spend up to the daily budget till the selected time the rule runs, this might cause you to go over your budget.