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DSA's website coverage 0%

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Hey Adwords community,


I created a DSA campaign about 20 hours ago and the website coverage statistic for all adgroups is 0,00%. 

I'm wondering whether this is due how Google crawls the website or whether it needs more time to index the website. 


In my DSA campaign i am targeting a subdomain (url contains: But the campaign only takes the top level domain as a valid domain to crawl. So i had to point it to index and narrow the DSA campaign down to the sub domain by setting it as a target. There is no link from the .com domain to the uk sub domain. So i'm afraid the website coverage might be stuck at zero percent because the crawler can't crawl its way from the top domain to the subdomain. Could anyone tell me if my concern is valid or does the crawler simply need more time?

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Re: DSA's website coverage 0%

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Hey Jelle,

The following domains cannot be used for DSA campaigns:

1. Redirected domains
2. Subdomains or domains that you don't actually own or have authorization to use for this purpose. This includes the domain for a larger website that hosts multiple independent websites. In this case, you'll need to enter the full domain for your specific site (e.g.,
3. Domains without enough content to target:
4. Sites that mostly contain flash content or images.
5. Sites that require a user to login to access the majority of the site's content.
6. Sites that don't have a lot of pages indexed by Google.

You can check your website's index status on Google


Re: DSA's website coverage 0%

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Hello Jelle,

Welcome to AdWords Community.

To target a subdomain, you should choose to target by "URL" and enter the sub domain you'd like to target.

For instance, when you create a dynamic ad target to target a sub domain, it might look like the following: "URL contains"

You should give it some time.


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DSA's website coverage 0%

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I have the same problem regarding a new Dynamic Search Ads campaign for a subdomain: 1.5% website coverage;


I added "URL contains subdomain_name" and waiting for a positive impact. How much should I wait for the results of changing "URL contains" from Dynamic Ad Targets?

DSA's website coverage 0%

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