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DCO Campaigns

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Hi, I read in a blog that DCO campaigns feeds on information of all the campaigns in one account in order to improve its performance. My question is, what happens if i have like 40 campaigns with DCO and each one has more than 250 convertions per day? 


I notice that campaigns that usually had 300+, now have just 150 convertions, and that those ones with low performance improve a little, but that bit does not justify my lost in the good performant ones. 


My campaigns are really similar because the products are really alike (and from the same company), so is this not recommended when you have a lot of campaigns? Is it how i read in the blog that somehow it canibalize other campaigns?


Please help i dont know if i should turn of DCO, it allready run 4 weeks. 

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September 2015

Re: DCO Campaigns

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   Welcome to the forums - to the best of my knowledge the DCO only optimises using data from their own campaigns not across multiple DCO campaigns as you suggest although I am happy to be proven wrong on this point. 


The DCO will be erattic  I am running 3 quite large DCO campaigns and their performance varies dramatically day to day, the search camaigns that are being run are much more consistent in terms of CPC, clicks, Conv. Rate. With the drop in conversion are you also seeing other metrics change, is the conversion rate also dropping or the CPC, are you maxing out on budget? 


This should give an indication of what might be happening within the DCO campaigns. Don't forget that inventory can start to become scarce around the holiday period which means that you're likely to get less exposure at a higher CPC. Also - have a look at your managed placements report, I've recently noticed a lot of mobile apps taking up spend that I needed to manually remove.