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Currency Change Of An Account

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Hi all,


We want to change the currency of the account and switch it to US dollars. In order to do that, I believe we need to download all the campaigns&settings to the adwords editor and upload them to a new account to set the currency as US dollars. So my questions are;


1. What kind of troubles would we come across when we do that procedure? Is there anyone who has moved the ads to a new account to switch the currency / or for any other reasons? 


2. How would the quality score of the account be affected after uploading the campaigns to the new account? What are the cons?




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September 2015

Re: Currency Change Of An Account

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Hi Sinem
Yes, that is the only way to do it. AdWords states explicitly when signing up that it's not possible to change currency on a live account.

To answer your questions.
1) You're going to lose all your historical data, that includes CTR data which is used to calculate quality score and of course all conversion data which is used in various bidding and automated bidding strategies. All this will have to be recalculated over time. How much time depends on the volume of traffic in your account.

Then there's your remarketing lists. If you're not using GA, you'll have to rebuild them as they're not sharable across accounts.

It's very VERY uncommon to have to make a move like yours so you wont find much information on this. However, I imagine your mileage will vary depending on so many different factors that a "one size fits all" answer or guide simply cannot apply.

If your account is performing well as is and you're using manual bidding, everything should run smoothly. It might even benefit you to have some of your metrics that QS uses reset. I'd use this as an opportunity to prune your non performing ads before moving so you can maximize this benefit.

Other than that, I've nothing else to add. I've never had to do a move like this and I don't know many that have.

It would be great however if you could come back to us when you're done and let us know how you get on. Would be an interesting future case study.

Re: Currency Change Of An Account

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply!

As you said, we need to rebuild our remarketing lists. Also, we have the scripts running for some of the campaigns. We are using both manuel and automated bidding. Plus, we may need to wait for the approvals of the ads too. But briefly, our primary concern is how much time would it take for the new account to collect the performance data and calculate the quality score same as before.
Do you think is it better to move the campaigns one by one in pieces to the new account or do it altogether?

I would gladly share the experience after we are done.

Re: Currency Change Of An Account

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Hi Sinem T,

I'd suggest you contact support. As I understand this, and I could be wrong, support can change the currency of your account, but will do that only one time. Be sure that's what you want to do.

Best of Luck!

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